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Promotionsstipendium: Galileo Open Service Navigation Message Authentication Service

- Your skills should include interests in GNSS a master degree in engineering, mathematics or natural sciences. Physicists and mathematicians are particularly welcome to investigate this complex and interdisciplinary problem.
- An interest to investigate and analyze the application-specific requirements and relevant regulations (automotive, rail, UAV, etc.) is an important prerequisite.
A new service is currently being implemented for the Galileo satellite navigation system. The Open Service Navigation Message Authentication Service (OS-NMA)1 will enable the verification of the calculated position in certain time intervals, which is very interesting for many safety related applications like autonomous driving/flying, various railway applications, precise farming, etc. To realize the OS NMA the OS navigation message will be used to generate a Message Authentication Code (MAC), which can be verified with a key sent by the Galileo signal with a certain delay.
- engineering, mathematics or natural sciences
- satellite navigation
- signal processing, message decoding
Antje Tucci
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