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Promotionsstipendium: Fibre Preforms and Architectures for Efficient Enzymatic Recycling

- To ensure a quick startup of your activities, you should be familiar with (i.e., have an M. Sc. degree in) composite materials science or technology or biochemistry.
- Experience with fiber to textile processing or composite manufacturing technologies would be beneficial.
The Chair of Carbon Composites (Lehrstuhl für Carbon Composites, LCC) at the school for engineering and design of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is headed by Prof. Klaus Drechsler. The main focus of the chair’s research is the optimization and the development of carbon composites technologies. This includes processing fibres (incl. Advanced fibre placement or textile processing) and different matrix systems, composite materials characterisation and process simulation.
In this Munich Aerospace scholarship,the collaboration will be very closely implemented with Airbus.
- Engineering and design
- Research & Technology Materials
Prof. Klaus Drechsler
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- Bewerbungsfrist: 30.11.2021
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